As a partner, we leverage your under-utilized vehicles to ensure they are used 24/7. If you are using your company transport van for 2 hours a day, we will ensure your vehicle is operating the remaining 6 hours during that day.

You will be given priority status for collecting and delivering parcels on behalf of SkyExpress in your selected geographical area, we will jointly partner and work with you to grow volumes and increase the utilization of your vehicles in your area to increase your earnings.

Behind The Wheel: They are people like you, going your way.

What makes the SkyExpress experience truly great are the people behind the wheel. Our partners drive their own cars and manage their own fleet of vehicles – on their own schedule – in cities they chose.


SkyExpress Delivery LLC does deliveries of parcels door to door around the clock; as a committed partner you join our parcel delivery community in maximizing the capacity of your transport vehicles to collect parcels on our behalf and expand your business income.


How do we work together as partners?
As partners we each have responsibilities to make the business work. SkyExpresswill bring and negotiate commercial agreements with end users. Through our agreement you will become our appointed partner to cover certain areas, territories, or destinations. As we increase volumes and parcels in your local area, your transport vehicles become better utilized generating for you new source of revenue.

Why partner with us?

We provide the advanced technology, tools, systems, infrastructure, network, as well as the commercial drive to ensure your business grows. By partnering with SkyEx, your focus is on operations and ensuring parcels to businesses and residential customers are delivered on time every time.


What’s in it for you?

As a licensed partner you benefit from a new stream of income for your business by maximizing the utilization of your transport fleet.

Earn more money as your assets are better utilized and increase your business profits.


We expect a mutual commitment to ensure our levels of service are always the best, and our customers are given the top priority. You need to ensure that the parcels we put at your disposition to distribute in your selected area are delivered on time and your drivers are using our technology to track and trace parcels every minute of the day.


Through our PDA application your drivers will be given all the instructions daily for delivery using push tasks with customers names and addresses as well as location details. As part of the tool, you will have the option to accept these shipments or decline depending on your work load and vehicle capacity for collecting parcels from customers.

You will have access to an extranet access from the Web to monitor all the database of your daily shipments. This information is shared with the customers and our vendors to ensure timely delivery.


Our engagement is the quality of service
– Our No 1 priority is the satisfaction of our customers
– The quality and representation as well as our commitment to our customers are paramount to our and your success
– An unparalleled team work towards on time delivery
– Excellent customer feedback surveys and ratings

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